Monday, July 18, 2011

The Last Letter Home


All is well in Argentina! This last Thursday we had zone conference, so I got to know the new Pres! The new president is President Levrino from Santa Fe. It was a good zone conference. He is very direct about what he wants and what we need to do better. His wife seems to be equally as knowledgeable as he does and twice as loving. They have 5 kids. One of 15, twins of 13, a 9 (maybe) year old and a 5 year old. That's a lot of kids. The twins and 5 year old were present. They seem like normal kids in a very abnormal situation.

The work is moving forward. Today we had a big choripaƱada (I guess in English it would be a sausage cook off) and I washed some clothes.

I suppose the elephant in the email is the fact that this is the last one I will send and that this is my last week, etc. To be honest I am trying not to think about it and be focused. I will miss Argentina so terribly I am not looking forward to leaving. That said it will be great to see you all again. I hate to make cliche comments but, the mission has been the greatest blessing in my life next to my family and all I want to do is live it and serve until the last second.

I love you all.
Thanks for all your support, letters, packages, and love I received from you all these last two years.

I guess I can end this saying "see you soon."

Elder Barnes

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  1. Dear Elder Barnes,
    I will certainly miss reading your updates each week. Wishing you safe and happy travels home.

    Sarah Page